Potassium and GABA




Potassium is the single most important mineral to human health and longevity, being essential for normal electrolyte and pH balance within the cell. When excess sodium begins to accumulate in conjunction with a potassium deficit, this can result in hypertension (high blood pressure) and high blood sugar, both of which can lead to lowered GABA production and exert a dampening effect on the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. This can directly contribute to subnormal growth hormone levels as we age.

Our potassium deficit becomes more lopsided as we grow older and the kidneys become less and less able to effectively retain potassium and excrete sodium from the body. Researchers have estimated kidney function declines by up to 75% between age 30 and 80.

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A multi-year longitudinal study on aging clearly demonstrated that declining potassium levels are closely linked with signs of aging. Conducted over a period of nearly two decades, researchers followed 650 subjects and found that between age 40 and 60, potassium levels in the body dropped by over 13%.This decline in potassium levels, coincides closely with the decline in GABA and growth hormone levels, suggesting that declining GABA, growth hormone, and potassium levels may be linked.

Increasing your intake of potassium can slow down the age- related decline of GABA and growth hormone,. The Ningxia wolfberry is the highest known, whole food source of whole food potassium.










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