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Plantation shutters are interior shutters installed inside a window. Though the name is often used to describe any interior window shutters, true plantation shutters feature that are 2 ½ to 4 ½ inches wide, set into panels that are 12 to 19 ½ inches. The panels can be adjusted as needed to let in light or to keep it out. This adds shade to a home and can even help reduce the energy bills. Shutters also add privacy in areas that require it. For this reason, many people install plantation shutters in large windows over the bathtub or in the bedroom. Many people also use plantation shutters in windows facing the street. Plantation shutters can be used in every window in the home, but the cost for this would be great.

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Plantation shutters are available in almost any type of wood or vinyl.

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The Origin of Plantation Shutters

There are several types of windows that are bi-purpose. This means that they can very well serve as an element of added beauty to your home without defeating their purpose. If you are looking into using this kind of window, plantation shutters might pique your interest.

Plantation shutters are influenced by ancient Greek Literature. This explains why it comes in elaborate and sophisticated designs that can work well with your home interior and exterior. It has unique framing and is built primarily to provide a great deal of privacy to homeowners. If you were planning one of those home repairs and improvements, it would be a good idea to consider replacing your existing windows. This can be especially helpful for families who prefer to have a more private home.

Unlike other windows, plantation shutters are equipped with interior shutters that are used to cover up and close the window. The sturdy columns that support the shutters give the window an overall classical look. This is a very distinct feature if we trace back time to where the Greeks used to impose so much privacy and security to their residences. This was further passed on over time and even influenced the modern touch of the Western World.

Even before the time where glass windows dominated the window hardware, shutters were widely used in every part of the world. Some refer to them as hurricane shutters because they are also effective as shutters against obstructive forces of nature. It is very easy to use and one can toggle opening and closing the shutter with much ease and comfort. Letting in air and sunlight can also be manipulated and controlled with the amount of opening of the shutters.

In the United States alone, much can be seen about the buildings present during the earlier centuries. Most of these buildings, whether private and publicly owned, are visibly influenced by a touch of Greek architecture. The first impression would be classy and elegant, like any other Greek-influenced buildings. In fact, most plantation mansions all over the Western World copied a great deal of designs from the Greek architecture. Some of them are still up and preserved to this time of writing and are even well visited by lots of avid tourists.

Recall that during earlier times when the Civil War was at quite a height, Greeks used shutters to protect their homes from their intruders. Aside from providing a level of security of and privacy, it also brings the appeal of the home to a different level. Since plantation mansions are situated in most agricultural areas, their shutters really have to provide the necessary protection it needs. Again, recall that plantation mansions keep a lot of wealth and are therefore prone to robbery and theft.

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How to Choose your Shutters

When choosing your shutters, consider the size of your previous window. Find a replacement that will fit the previous casings. Otherwise, you will have to consider adding more frames and support braces to keep up with the weight of your new plantation shutters.

It is equally important to look into the width of the louver. There can be differences in the effects of several width sizes of louver. A wider louver, for instance, would mean letting in more light into the room.

Consider the material that was used as the window hardware. Both wood and vinyl are good choices. While wood is good for providing a warmer atmosphere, vinyl can do perfectly well with steamy and high in moisture rooms. Vinyl being easy to clean is another bonus.

The exterior of a house plays a major role in creating the first impression of a home. Homeowners must then make sure that the fixtures they buy can create a good first impression. The good news is that given the wide selection of home fixtures available, gaining access to such fixtures can be a fairly easy process. Some examples of such fixtures are the window shutters that homeowners can install on their windows.

There are different types of window shutters that homeowners can choose from. Plantation window shutters have become popular because of their functionality and the look that they can provide for a home. These kinds of shutters are installed inside a window or from inside a home. Usually, these kinds of shutters are made of individual shutters that are between 2 and 4 inches wide. The shutters are also usually set into panels that are about 12 to 19 inches in length.

In addition to this, plantation shutters have also been designed to be adjusted depending on the amount of sunlight that homeowners would want to let in their homes. As a result, plantation shutters serve both the purposes of giving people the privacy that they need and providing a way for homeowners to save on energy bills. The two types of plantation shutters, wood or vinyl, people can pick the shutter that would blend with the other décor and color schemes in their homes.

Given the importance that the exterior of a home plays in creating a first impression, home owners need to make sure that the fixtures that they install in the exterior of their homes are not only functional but are also aesthetically pleasing. Plantation shutters allow them to make a good first impression.

Vinyl or Wood Plantation Shutters?

Among the different types of plantation shutters in the market, one of the most popular types is the wooden plantation shutter. Wooden shutters provide a feeling of warmth and coziness to a home. However, wooden plantation shutters are considered to be the more expensive option because their prices are significantly higher than other types of plantation shutters. As a result, people often look at alternatives to wooden plantation shutters.

There are alternatives, like vinyl plantation shutters do not only provide people with cheaper alternatives but also provide additional benefits as well.

Apart from being the more affordable plantation shutter option, there are a number of other reasons why vinyl plantation shutters can be considered as a better alternative to wooden plantation shutters. Vinyl shutters are not too vulnerable to wear and tear, because unlike wooden shutters, vinyl shutters do not fade and crack easily. Also, vinyl shutters do not shrink or expand when they are exposed to humidity or fluctuating temperatures. As a result, vinyl shutters have become the preferred option in areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor pools. Another reason why vinyl shutters are considered a good alternative is that they are easy to clean and maintain.

However, apart from these benefits, homeowners find that vinyl shutters also provide them access to the same feelings of warmth and coziness that wooden shutters provide. This is because there are some types of vinyl shutters that have been designed to look like wood. Given this, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of wooden shutters without having to deal with the downsides of those types of shutters.


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