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Are you one of those people who live in Florida and are so tired of these hurricanes that you just don't take them too seriously when the time comes to prepare for them? Well unfortunately there are a lot of people out there that have fallen into this trap. I take every one of these incoming storms very seriously no matter if it is a tropical storm or a category 5 storm. My view is that I would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to preparing when the eye of the storm is upon us.

Of course we all know that the first thing to do is start to get your hurricane supplies in order and find out what you will need while the eye is upon us. This could be anything from food, water, plywood, and to help some people get through the storm, Liquor. Here is one example of how you can save yourself a lot of time if you think ahead for the future safety of your home and family. If you think ahead you can start getting some estimated on some storm shutters. Yes, we know it may put a dent in the pocketbook at first but you have to think of the longevity of your investment. These storm shutters will last you for years and if you add up all the time and labor it takes to buy plywood and install it, you will see how beneficial this is to your home and how much money you will save in the long run by installing these hurricane storm shutters.

storm shutters

What are the best possible shutters for your needs?

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What is a storm shutter and where can you buy them? This is a very common question which can be easily answered. A storm shutter is a sturdy piece of aluminum that is kind of shaped like an accordion. These aluminum shutters are placed inside your window space and then screwed into the wall to keep them in place while the eye is upon you. One of the best things about having these storm shutters is that they are very easy to install and go up in a matter of hours, not days like installing plywood. This is so beneficial when you don't think the storm will actually visit your neighborhood and you need to get your home protected as soon as possible before the storm hits.

Now, the best places to look for these storm shutters would be your local commercial awnings company. They will usually have a wide variety of shutters to choose from and retractable awnings as well to see which ones will fit in your budget and provide the best protection for your home. Once you are prepared for these storms you can take a lot of stress off yourself because you know that if the time comes to where you need to get your home ready for the storm, you know you will be able to take the time to set up storm shutters and take them down every time a storm comes and goes then hurricane shutters are the way to go.

Accordion Storm Shutters

Most accordion shutters are tested and made to exceed most building code regulations in all of the states.

Accordion shutters help lower costs, while still providing more overage per blade. You can do things like enclose an entire balcony with one shutter or protect patios from heavy rain.

Usually made with high quality extruded aluminum and stainless steel parts, accordion shutters can provide the ultimate protection.

Accordion hurricane shutters stay permanently installed all year round, for full protection from all the seasons. When they are not needed, you can just fold them back into a compact position.

They can also be locked from the inside or outside for increased security and protection.

Another bonus about accordion hurricane shutters is the fact that they can be assembled and installed quickly with very little hassle.

Cleaning Accordion Storm Shutters

This is one of the best aspects of this type of storm shutter. Accordion shutters only need to be cleaned and lubricated once a year and that is the only maintenance required.

Installing Accordion Storm Shutters

To install this type of shutter, it only takes a few minutes, and a whole house can be done in just a few hours.

Usually installation consists of putting together the frame, securing it in place around the designated area, and then finally you slip the shutters into the track.

That is of course for installation around a standard window. If you do a more complicated area like a patio or a different type of enclosure, it will take more time and expertise.


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