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Is Omron HJ-112 Pedometer worth buying? There are many pedometers on the market and not always is easy to find the one that suits your particular needs the best. Digital pedometers allow you to measure how much exercise you get in a typical day of work, errands, and other tasks. You can attach your hj-112 to your belt like a traditional pedometer or you can simply put it in your pocket.

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Questions And Answers:

Why wear a pedometer in the first place?
Pedometers are simple and fun to use!  Wearing a pedometer not only provides a reality check on how active you are, it also serves as a measurable way to achieve your activity goals.  It’s a way of getting immediate feedback.

Where should I wear the pedometer?
Pedometers should be placed/clipped snugly on the waistband of clothing as close to the hipbone as possible. 

How accurate are pedometers?
No pedometer will be 100% accurate 100% of the time! Omron hj-112 gets it as close as possible when it comes to accuracy.

My pedometer isn’t working right.  What should I do?
In many instances, problems with pedometers recording numbers accurately can be remedied by adjusting how the pedometer is positioned on the body.  Here’s what we’ve heard:

  • multiple layers of clothing over a pedometer could affect steps recorded
  • if your tummy is pushing the pedometer out of it’s upright position, the number of steps may be affected

If you’re experiencing any of the problems above, slide the pedometer to the side directly under your armpit.

What if my pedometer gets wet?
Pedometers have been known to survive a little water but it’s not recommended.  One participant dove into a swimming pool and immediately remembered having the pedometer on her waistband.  She set the pedometer on the ledge of a sunny window and it worked fine the next day!  Another suggestion is to remove the omron hj 112 battery and replace it with a new battery when the pedometer is dry.  Don’t use a hairdryer or put it in the dryer!

Nothing shows up in the display of my pedometer.  What’s wrong?
It could be broken especially if it got wet, got dropped or took a direct hit of some sort.   A dead battery could also be responsible for a blank display. 

How many steps are in a mile?
About 2,000 steps walked will equal one mile.  Stride length vary from person to person so it’s not the same for everyone.  An average stride is somewhere between 2 and 3 feet in length.

How many calories are burned walking one mile? 
That depends on the individual – height, weight, fitness level , whether your walking on flat or hilly ground, the temperature, etc.  The average 150-pound person burns between 80 and100 calories per mile.

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omron hj112 diagram


Hj-112 omron reviewed:

arrowlist-bullet6. Omron HJ-112 Review By Leonard Marlow

We've used at least a dozen pedometers: Digiwalkers, Oregon Scientifics, Omrons. Sometimes the clips would break (Digiwalkers have no spring clip), or the cover would snap off, or they would prove highly inaccurate, or they would be bulky, or they would be too "versatile" and intricate to be practical for someone who was simply looking to get in 10,000 steps per day.

After trying different pedometers I saw this "high end" Omron at Drugstore and thought I'd give it a try. Its primary allure: it claims to be so sensitive that you don't need to wear it on a belt or some other outer wear.

I bought it and yes, Omron aren't pulling your leg. This is indeed a very sensitive little machine that does what it says it will do, in addition to being fast, easy, convenient, and extremely durable. I decided to test it by walking 30-40 minutes with the Omron in my shirt pocket and the Sportline clipped to my belt. At the end of my walk the Omron and Sportline were within 80 steps of each other. Moreover, it was the Omron that gave me the extra steps (a bonus if you consider the amount of time it takes--practically 2 hours--to log the full 10,000 steps).

The only advanced feature I occasionally use is the memory bank. The device automatically resets to 0 steps while saving the previous day's count in memory (for up to a week). Although I set the clock, I rarely use the other extra features--calorie counter, aerobic read-out, or even distance covered. I don't even bother with things like entering stride length and attaching clips or necklaces. This particular Omron model rises above the field because of one thing: quality. It's accurate, it's easy and fast, and it's dependable if not indestructible (I've sat on it, inadvertently sent it through the wash, dropped it into a bath-tub). It keeps going, as long as you do. If you have a shirt pocket and know how to read from one to 10,000, you're on your way.

You can never have too many good pedometers, but this Omron makes it unlikely you'll need another one any time soon. There's no question in my mind that this is best of breed, the one that Tiger Woods would use even if he had to pay for it and realized no rewards other than the practical and motivational benefits of the device itself.


arrowlist-bullet5. Omron HJ-112 Review By C. Ottesen

I bought this pedometer for my wife who said she wanted a 'good one', not like the cheap junky ones she has seen in the past. Well, I went to Target and all of them looked pretty junky. So I went on the web to find a well rated one and this is the one that I came up with. My wife says she likes this pedometer and it works great but the thing that it clips into is kind of bulky. The only thing more I could have asked for is for the entire pedometer to be smaller or at least thinner so that it would be less noticeable in a pocket.






arrowlist-bullet4. Omron HJ-112 Review By Claudia

I like this pedometer a lot. It was easy to setup, easy to understand how to calculate your step length to program the pedometer, and its easy to use. I put in my pocket of my coat and walk. Seems accurate too. I only wish if it were somewhat smaller.







arrowlist-bullet3. Omron HJ-112 Review By K. Clark

I have owned several pedometers and this Omron HJ-112 is by far my favorite (I just bought a second one after my sister liked my last one so well that she kept it). It has all the features you could want and the price is really nice too. I previously owned the HJ-720ITC but did not use the computerized features enough to make the extra price worthwhile for me personally. Although it too was a great product and would probably work well for someone who wants to track their progress on the computer. It's not always practical to have it on a waistband though. All-in-all, I have turned several people on to this pedometer and all of us swear by it. All you need to do is read omron hj 112 instruction manual, start wearing it and get in shape!


arrowlist-bullet2. Omron HJ-112 Review By Robert Boyd

I have been using pedometers for over 5 years and this one is the best by far. Other cheaper ones are prone to break, quit working, or provide inaccurate counts and after dealing with a lot of them, I decided it was time to invest in a higher quality meter and this one has proved to be well worth the extra expense. I like the feature that it resets at midnight and has history available. I would definitely recommend this pedometer to anyone.






arrowlist-bullet1. Omron HJ-112 Review By John Seal

This product was highly rated by Consumer Reports. After using it for several weeks, I totally agree. This pedometer is very well made, seems to be very accurate, and displays aerobic steps, other steps, miles, and calories burned. The displays are very easy to used. The memory keeps count for a week so it is easy to compare day today what distance you are walking.

The pedometer is silent and small enough that it is easy to use. It can be clipped to you belt or even just left loose in a pocket. It works well either way.



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Final thoughts:

We at Reliable Answer have been testing this little piece of product and we can agree with the reviews above. HJ-112 is a quality pedometer. No product is perfect but Omron has delivered once again!

We hope we've just helped you learn what matters about Omron pedometers.

You can buy Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer at reliable places like Amazon



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