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By Nolan Feyde, New York

I've used pedometers in the past and have been disappointed with their performance. Couple of months ago I bumped into Consumer Reports evaluation on pedometers. It made me wanna try with yet another pedometer. I ordered omron HJ-112 at drugstore online. It appears to be accurate. I have tested it on my known-distance running route multiple times and the reading appears to be accurate within a tenth of a mile. It shows some inaccuracy in distance "traveled" which may be caused by the inconsistency in my stride length and my ability to correctly measure my stride length. This pedometer is rather consistent even though I always think things might be a bit better!. I like running and use pedometer while doing it. I did some tests regarding the accuracy of the results shown by hj 112 while running and think that the device performance is fair once you take into consideration the deviances you established to exsist. Once you get to know this gadget every walk you take will be like strolling with a friend.


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