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OMRON hj 113 employs complicated sensor technology and an attractive appearance and design. Itís a stylish pedometer which can count at various locations the number of steps, distance, calories expended and the fat that is burned during the day, not only during the walks or jog, but during the exercises in the hall or on the street during the short walk or lively. After 10 minutes of continuous walking mode is activated ęaerobicsĽ, which allows better control of physical load.

Two electronic sensors pedometer can be carried in a pocket, in the bag on the neck as a pendant, or simply consolidated on your clothes. However, for most accurate data hj113 should be clipped snugly on the waistband of clothing as close to the hipbone as possible. You can choose the most embedded clock, dual display.

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Model hj-113 Features:

It's measuring the number of steps you walk, distance you walked, calories expended, fat you lost. o individual parameters can be adjusted: weight, length of step o two electronic sensors o special mode ęaerobicsĽ o weekly mode memory results also available o accuracy of the steps: mistakes within + / - 5% AT MOST o Includes Clock, belt holder and security strap o clock accuracy: within + / - 30 seconds, low deviation for the month (at normal temperature) o lithium batteries, easily replaced o 34 of the weight (including battery) o can be worn on the belt, in the pocket of trousers, in a bag, breast pocket, on the neck as a pendant or simply by using clips to secure clothing o attached: universal clip - clip, strap, battery, mini - screwdriver o warranty period of 5yrs

Tips for Use of OMRON Walking Pedometer Hj 113

ē Attach the pedometer to your body (look above in the text for the suggestion about the best placement)

ē Wear solid shoes.

ē Walk at a constant pace.

ē Do not walk extremely slowly or at an inconstant pace (e.g. in crowded places).

ē Also avoid extreme movements or vibrations in order to keep the results as correct as possible

ē Enjoy your walking progress and healthy life!

How to measure your stride distance? Correct stride distance is from a tip of your foot to another one. To measure the correct average stride distance, divide the total distance of ten steps you walked by the number of steps (10). Calculate the stride distance as shown in the following formula:

Example: When you walk 5.5 meters,

5.5 m (total distance)

10 (number of steps)

= 0.55 m (55 cm).

User Reviews of Omron Pedometer Model Hj 113

I know that the best place to wear it is at the hip, but I just have a bad habit of putting it in my bag. I was concerned about random pressure problems that I had with the previous pedometer and I thought I'd need some kind of cover over the buttons to protect it, but I haven't had any problems so far. Charles Minkow, Wisconsin

I've been trying to lose some weight and this little gadget made me more motivated while walking. I guess I like to play with it! When using hj-113 I suggest you walk for over 4 seconds. If you walk just under that, stop to open a door, then walk 3 seconds, you get nothing! Other than that, it's great and very accurate at measuring for "real" exercise, which is what most of my steps come from anyway. Rosa Killarney, New York

Iíve worked with HJ-112, but the 112 used to occasionally reset itself when I didnít want it to. Donít know if thatís the case with all hj 112s or just mine. Hj113 works better for me and I like it so far. I purchased this product a bit too early since the price now is lower than before. As far as performance is concerned Iím satisfied, it does what itís meant to-counting steps and distance along with calories burned. Good for now. John Playnor, Columbus, Ohio

When I bought it I had a small problem inserting the battery since the battery cover screw could be bigger. The unit fits comfortably into the clip holder. If you want extra security use the strap with the small clip attached to your clothing. Iím glad unit has not dislodged during hard training. I would like to find a way to prolong battery usage as much as possible. Wern Smykovitz, Sacramento, CA

Let me tell you my experience. Iíve had a number of pedometers. The clips used to break, the number of steps were never accurate, they would fall offÖand they would be gone - until I found this one.. Engage the safety strap, clip it to your belt loop to avoid losing or breaking it.. What I like is that the "reset" button is no longer on the front and accidental resets no longer exists. Steve Neill, Miami

Price is OK, works fine, but pay attention to where and how you place your counter. Itís very important if you want to avoid the inaccurate counts when going on long runs . Seven day memory, auto reset at midnight, pretty accurate counting of steps. Fine with me.. Sandra Armstrong, Chicago

I ordered the gadget. Package arrived. Components and instructions, everything included, although I expected somewhat bigger packaging. I also think itís a nice thing to offer as a gift to your friends. I walk four miles daily. I have used the Omron products for 3 years, I guess Iím a loyal customer.. My wife has hj112 and I have 113. Now, weíre trying to compare these two. No big differences so far. David Morrane, Boston

Be careful when ordering this product. Make sure that the product is not sent with trial batteries which donít last a fraction of what they should. You can avoid this by ordering at J&R Ė batteries are new here. If youíre buying a new product, batteries should be new too. Linda, Roanoke, VA

I didnít know it wouldnít convert to the metric system . Otherwise it is really accurate and works well. I bought it but I lost the battery as soon as I opened the package. Now Iíve got to buy a new battery. Andy Mirsovic, Hutchinson

Iíve used sportsline but Omron gained my trust. Itís been accurate and reliable for me. You should take no less than 10 steps if you want the results to be precise later on. This is a small inconvenience but itís much better than with other pedometers that used to add steps when I wasnít making any. Sarah, Long Beach

I put the pedometer in my pocket. Steps were undercounted only when I ran much faster than I usually do on a treadmill. Iíve found out that since Iíve been using step counters I tend to park my car farther from the real destination Iím going to. I have both hj 112 and hj 113, it seems the differences are insubstantial and are only in color and button shape.. Luis Grasco, Edmonton

7-day memory that HJ-113 offers is what I like so that I don't have to check the step count each night just before I go to sleep and before the pedometer resets to zero at midnight. If you want to reset it before and start tracking from scratch you need to use "system resetĒ. Willy Orrange

I walk through my house and by the time I get out on the street the HJ-113 has registers about 10 to 15 steps. I wonder if I have to subtract this number from the end-of-walk number. I've lost the previous pedometer so Iím happy to use double clip with strap. Wonít lose this one. Nina Bustamante, NY

This is my first pedometer and it's incredibly easy to use. Set-up is also pretty simple - just a quick measure of 10 strides across the floor. Iím testing it for walking and jogging. Jogging measured distance is still within 4% accuracy deviance which is good enough. moving! Small tip, use the "leash" clip. If a clip is knocked off, leash will keep it attached. Steve Hill, Springfield

Omron Digital Pedometer HJ-113

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About Pedometers

There are different types of pedometers, also called step counters. Most have an appearance similar to beeper. Some can count steps only, some also count mileage and calories; others may have a clock, radio and stop watch. Step counter senses your body motion and counts your footsteps. When looking to buy a pedometer accuracy and simplicity is best. Some say that step counters only measure the number of steps you take while pedometers have additional features like measuring the length of your step or how far you have traveled but in everyday language step counters and pedometers are synonyms.

When figuring calorie expenditures, there are many factors to take into consideration, including weight and intensity. Therefore, only a high quality pedometer can accurately calculate mileage due to the fact of a personís stride length changing. Most people will have a change in the speed and stride of their movement throughout the day, which can affect the length of stride. Step counters only work for walking as it is not designed to track biking or running. A pedometer may record some cycling activity though (pedal revolutions perhaps), but given the way a pedometer works this measurement is not likely to be very accurate and to better measure your exertion you should refer to the activity chart where for example you will that leisurely bicycling is equivalent to 116 steps and stationary bicycling is equal to 203 steps.

Why tracking my steps?

Research has shown that tracking oneís progress, including steps, significantly increases the chances for success. Keeping a record of how many steps you take, the distance you walk and how long it takes can help you see where you started from and serve as a source of inspiration. A pedometer is an inexpensive device that will tally your steps and whether you're fitness walking or simply going about your daily activities it can be a powerful reminder that every step counts on the path toward better health and life.




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