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It allows you to stream home TV to a remote location. This means you can stream any home AV sources to any broadband-connected Windows PC, Windows Mobile, Mac, Palm Treo, handheld or cell phone device anywhere in the world. Is the Sling Media Slingbox SOLO worth buying? Learn more about it by reading the user reviews and crucial information. Below you can find the best places to learn about Slingbox SOLO. - Slingbox SOLO

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With Slingbox SOLO you'll be able to watch any video content you usually watch in your living room, no matter how far you really are from your home. If you have a solid internet connection no matter where in the world, then you will be able to stream any kind of video you have at your home right there on your PC, laptop, Mac, smartphone or other device you have with you that is connected to internet. Watch HD or regular video content you have at your home while being miles away from home. Other products which offer the similar functionality are Sony LF-V30 which allows the streaming to PSP gaming handhelds. Streaming to Macs and Windows Mobile devices is possible with third-party software for streaming offered by Sony. Monsoon Multimedia Hava Wireless HD / Pinnacle PCTV To Go HD Wireless also deliver distant video streaming and HD support.

Even though each of these products mentioned above has pros and cons compared to another similar product, we recommend Slingbox SOLO because the whole experience of streaming and watching home-based video with Slingbox while away from home is in our opinion the best available.


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