Sulfate free shampoo for oily and greasy hair

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For oily and greasy hair:

When it comes to oily hair here are couple of suggestions. Shampoos which do contain sulfates strip your hair and scalp of natural oil very efficiently because they are harsh and use very aggressive chemicals. Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are not that aggressive, they are intended to treat your hair and scalp in a more natural and more healthy way. This means that there is an adjustment period before your hair and body adjust to more natural and healthy circumstances. This phase can last for a month or even two and it is something we all wish to skip! But you must stick to it and get through it! It will all be worth it once your scalp stops producing extra oil and starts living a new reality! Another tip...don't expect your sulfate-free shampoo to lather. Some do and some don't but that's not crucial. You want to get rid of oil and grease and that's what matters! If shampoo doesn't lather it doesn't clean your hair - that's a myth! That's not true!

If you want to use sulfate-free shampoos don't use conditioners containing silicone! Silicone is very hard to remove using sulfate-free shampoo. Here are some conditioners with no silicones that our customers say they have success with: Suave Naturals Conditioner, Tropical Coconut, 22.5 fl oz, 3 Pack or Oily Hair Conditioner

Many of our customers say that they don't use shampoos at all, but washing conditioners only. Keep in mind that there is no body and scalp and hair completely the same! You should always try a bunch of shampoos and conditioners before you hit the right combination. However, here we give you suggestions that have proven to be very successful with many people. Our suggestions are a very good way to start. Every suggestion here comes as a result of experience customers have had. Try our products, stick to it for a month or two!! Then you can try other products that are in accordance with our tips and then stick to them for some time. It's boring and somewhat troublesome to use a shampoo and conditioner over a prolonged period of time before you find out if they work or not but we have many customers who found the right combination for them this way!

So here are our recommendatons for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners for oily hair:


Our recomendation for dry and damaged hair





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