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Enjoy Hydrating Sulfate-Free shampoo Reviewed by Anthony, Jacksonville, Florida on December 10, 2015 .

As far as I'm concerned, this is a great sulfate free shampoo. With my unnaturally colored dyed hair, a sulfate free shampoo is a must - my purple dye is semi-permanent, meaning it fades with every wash. It also needs special care so it doesn't get dried out, since I also have to bleach before dyeing. This is only the second sulfate free I have tried, but it is my favorite (the other one was L'Oreal EverPure moisturizing) because it smells better, seems to clean and rinse out more thoroughly, and is much more moisturizing. It is much more expensive though, but when it comes to my hair I am willing to pay for what works. This does get pricier the longer my hair gets - doesn't help that my hair is also very thick, but that is also another reason why I must keep my hair in good condition, there's a lot more of it compared to a lot of people..Rating: 9 out of 10

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