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TIGI Rockaholic Livin' The Dream Shampoo Reviewed by Marie, Aurora, Colorado on January 15, 2016 .

I have color treated hair and the stylist recommended this shampoo. I love it and haven't used anything else since then. i have naturally red hair and had it dyed streaks of black and purple. i love the way it smells when you use it in the shower. it makes the whole bathroom smell good. it has an unusual smell. not a bad smell though. it is sulfate free whatever that means. i like the way it makes my hair feel really soft especially when you use the matching conditioner along with the shampoo. i have been looking for a bigger quanity of this shampoo and finally found a twenty five ounce bottle of the shampoo on ebay for like eighteen dollars and some change. i think it is a really good deal as compared to forty dollars for the set of twenty five ounce containers at the hair cutting salon that i went to. i would really recommend it to all of my friends and all of my family. i think it is the best shampoo that i have ever used. Rating: 9 out of 10

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