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Because there are many products containing toxic substances here's...

What You Should Do:

·         Check your shampoos, toothpastes, liquid soaps, body gels, and other skin products for sodium lauryl sulfate. We recommend that you avoid any further skin contact with products containing this ingredient.
·         If you have children, make sure they are not using shampoos and toothpastes containing sodium lauryl sulfate. Children under 6 are especially vulnerable to improper eye development. Also check sunblock products. (We found one that contains SLS and aluminum, a potentially dangerous combination for brain cell deterioration).
·         Replace products containing SLS with safer alternatives (formulas without SLS).
·         Check all your cosmetic products for propylene glycol, and get them off your skin.

If you have infants, check your baby wipes and baby lotions, and find alternative products that are safe for children (some baby wipes are available with aloe instead of propylene glycol).

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