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Sole f80 Electronics

The model F80 Sole treadmill electronics:

With all of the standard features that come on the Sole F80, an easy comfortable workout for a variety of personal needs is offered. Weather it is an easy stroll to get your heart rate up, or an uphill sprint, the F80 has got you covered.


• Choice of metric or US standards.

• Electronic chime/beep to signal key operations and attention to changes.

• American ETL, Canadian ETL and European CE certified electrical compliant.

• Easy access to on-board and user test diagnostics.

• Display overlays feature extremely durable polycarbonate (Lexan), offering a completely

scratch resistant, and sweat-proof seal for protecting electronics.

• Time (elapsed or descending) with auto shut-off.

• Calorie burn function complete with weight adjustments held in memory.

• Electric incline up to 15%

• Large red positive stop switch the best in the industry.

• Pause/resume features.

• Quick release tether cord provides safe deceleration.

• Five year limited warranty on electronics.

• On-demand pace functions.

• Warm-up cool down with all programs.

• Determine workout length up to 90 minutes.

• Speed settings programmed to maximize workout.

• Provides a safe motivational workout.

• Up to four customized workouts can be stored in memory.

• Manually operated quick start by pressing the start key twice.

• Four proven preset programs are changeable during operation.

• Hour meter and/or odometer.

• Single key wake up ready to operate.

• Speed memory repeater system that automatically sets your preferred speed/incline level

when beginning a workout.

• 100% made in the USA.

• Shock rubber mountain display console with stainless hardware to a rugged all steel console.

• Tactile type (click) mechanical switch key operation with more than 2.3 million cycle life.

• Lowest start speed belt in the industry. (.1 mph)


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