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Product: Sole f80 Treadmill

Reviewed by E. Slivel, Chicago, Illinois on November 12, 2015

This treadmill works perfect for any fitness needs. It's sturdy and has considerable mass which is important to me because many times on the smaller framed treadmills i feel like im going to fall off or its going to break, being that im a hundred and eighty pounds. More over the belt does not skip when you walk on it from folding it up to many times. Alot of times after wear and tear on the belt and excesive folding up for storage, you will notice that the belt does not "skip" when you walk. Many treadmills do this and i think its dangerous because if you are running at say eight miles an hours and it suddenly skips, it can damage your legs or throw you off. Aside from that its not too loud, and has a smooth sound and feel to it. Moreover, there is ample room to put a cell phone and or drink were it wont rattle around or go flying off. The controls are simple and allow you to hop on an quickly get started. I especially do not like playing around with controls when i just want to get my run over with. Rating: 9 out of 10


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