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Product: Sole f80 Treadmill

Reviewed by S.Hayworth, Boise, Idaho on December 20 , 2015

I have read mixed reviews about the F80. I took several months trying machines and investigating them. The F80 has all the best reviews and "Best Buy" ratings on the net. My only concern was the tread length of 55 inches. After trying it at the store and logging several miles I do not slip off the end or feel the last roller. I am 5'11" and it is perfect. It comes with a heart monitor that is very cool and accurate compared to the hand monitors wich it has as well. i think it's quiet, smooth, and easy to use. I love seeing a more accurate real time reading of my heart rate while running. It may not be an exact reading, but it's a great ballpark and it lets me know how hard I'm working. One note, if you put it on and you don't get a reading it's because it needs a bit of sweat/water to start getting a reading. I rarely have to weight for it to come on, and if so it's only for 20-30 seconds.On occasion my bluetooth headset runs out of batteries and I have to use the built in speakers and they're not bad. The fans are useless but that's not too bad for me. Rating: 9 out of 10


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