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Product: Sole f80 Treadmill

Reviewed by Megumi 63, Fresno, CA on December 2, 2015

This treadmill has many nice features Features include a place to listen to music and built-in fans. However, there is no way to adjust the handles so that someone who is 5 ft 5 in doesn't have to stoop to grip the handles. Somewhat uncomfortable workout for me! Also the price is too high for anyone's pocket! What are good sides? Well, it provides convenience in the home and is much better than paying for annual gym membership as I had done in the past. Its size and compactability allows for placement virtually anwhere in the home: a living room, basement, and maybe even bedroom. I feel I should get more for my money. No need to say though, that I always feel less money should be given for any kind of product! Rating: 9 out of 10


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