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Web Easy Professional 7 - REVIEW

I've spent some time looking for a web page designing software that would allow me to create professional-looking web site easy and fast. I've tried different options but once I started to really use a specific one I would always bump into some minor or major problems. In another case I would have no problems but the specific features of the website builder I was using was somehow not up to my expectation. Then I've heard of web easy pro 7 and I've decided to give it a try.

Web Easy had almost everything I needed. I set my own page style and format, added text and hypertext links, and imported graphics and photos. Pages within a site can be different lengths, but if you start with a supplied template of a certain width, you apparently can't change it.

With this web builder what you see is really what you get. You can include meta tags on your site, but it seems that all pages of your site will have the same meta tags. You can insert a visitor counter. You can choose between different feedback form styles. I've had some problem to make them send all of the information entered in the fields, though. The tables you can make in Web Easy are suitable for a catalog with up to 50 items. You could divide your catalog up into several web pages, or use a link to open an Excel spreadsheet or Word document.

As with any other web site creation software, it takes some time to learn Web Easy befor you can use it to its full potential . I strongly suggest using one of the templates supplied. Use user's manual and the help menu and you'l be OK. Use the preview option before publishing your site created with webeasy. Also, don't forget to enter host information into the Publish Assistant before uploading.

Final words

Web Easy Pro 7 is the easiest-to-use website creation software I had in my hands lately.

However, do not expect this software to be Dreamweaver. It has its limits. You can't do whatever you want with your site as with Dreamweaver, but you must take into consideration that webeasy is only $29.95 and is also an incredibly and incomparably easier to learn!

If you need an easy-to-use web site building software, don't want to spend months on learning, and you need professionally looking web site then this one is for you.

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Hope I've helped! Now go and use this web design software!


As for the versions before 7.0...

Web easy professional 6

I've used it, but now that we had an advanced version, no need to deal with it any further,

Web easy pro 5

Same thing - obsolete.


Just use the vcom web easy 7.0 and you'll be fine!

Randy Madden


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